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Chuck Nugent

Welcome to my site, enjoy your stay!

Welcome to My New Website

Hi, I am Chuck Nugent and this website is intended to promote my expanding web publishing business.

While I have been publishing on the web as a side activity and income source since 2005 or earlier this is my first website.  Since I still have both a full time job managing a vocational office training program at a local community college as well as a part-time job with the same college teaching an online economics course three times a year, writing remains something to do when I have time.

While I have written and published articles and photos on various sites, some of which no longer exist, my major work to date has been on and my No Free Lunch economics blog using Google's Blogger.  I started my No Free Lunch blog sometime in 2005 and continue to post content periodically. 

I discovered HubPages shortly after that site was launched in the summer of 2006.  I joined and published my first Hub in September of 2006.  To date I have over 4,000 followers on HubPages and 533 active Hubs on the site, two of which were published in the past week.

In the coming year, in addition to HubPages and my No Free Lunch blog I am planning to move into writing and publishing eBooks as well as producing videos for my YouTube channel. 

As soon as I started publishing on HubPages I realized the importance of adding pictures to my Hubs and, not wanting to risk copyright problems by copying and pasting pictures posted by others on the web, I set out to build my own library of photos taken by me.  I now have a huge library containing thousands of pictures, many from my travels abroad, which I use to illustrate my Hubs.  I also have begun taking video and have started producing video Hubs with original video that I have shot, edited and put into short YouTube style videos.

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